System Of A Down - Soldier Side intro / Suite Pee live PinkPop 2017 [HD | 60 fps]

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System Of A Down performing Soldier Side intro and Suite Pee live at Pinkpop festival 2017, Megaland, Landgraaf, Netherlands, (6/5/17)Taken from System Of A Down's European tour 201760 fps High Definition HD / High quality HQ Audio / Video

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Aidil Syazwan
Alan Curcino
ver o John rindo,não tem preço
Thanks mr. Obey ..🙌
Athirson Marcos
Foda demaissssss!!!!
Bartholomew Sampson
And people say Serj can't scream any more
Blake Gonzales
Every ages except for Shavo XD
Bradley White
Callum Abbott
0:42 chonged
Carlos Molleda
Why didnt you finish suite pee on SGL Chile :c
DeathBatt Gaming
It makes me so happy to see that Serj's voice is returning
THANK YOU! \u003c3
Diane Saba
John is so beautiful! God I love him so!
Einfach Gaming
Serj's voice not like the old serj's voice
Fiend S
0:20 Whoa, John has emotions
Flippy 2018
It's funny that in the Solider Side Intro, Shavo and John don't have to do anything.
Gabriel Weeks
inb4 all the comments are \
Gabriela Vera
God damn it give us a new album already!!
Haider Mandviwalla
That thumbnail is spot on. John Dolmayan is a legend
Igor Oliveira
Melhor banda do mundo!!!
Jamie Wilson
The whole band has got better since they took that hiatus, all the band except Serj that is. To be fair I think this was just an off day for him as I've seen alot of recent lives that have decent vocals from Serj but that's always been the case. Just not made much improvement IMO, especially when you look at how good Daron has been on alot of the new performances. \n\nDaron has improved massively in his singing. He is very proficient at hitting all the right notes nowadays and his arrangements on alot of their older songs are huge improvements on the studio tracks. You can tell he is comfortable and confident in his voice now to the extent where he is able to change the delivery of his backing vocals to give the songs a fresh sound (which is so important since they aren't producing new material...otherwise everyone gets bored of the same stuff eventually). \n\nShavo is also pretty tight nowadays, which is good considering how simple alot of the bass lines are. At least now he can play in time for several consecutive notes. John has always been solid, but the fact that they sound so tight and in sync is a big indicator that John is playing great...Usually if the drummer has a good gig the whole band has a good gig. They certainly play more in time with each other nowadays which hasn't always been the case lol.
Jorge Silva
Mas que porra ta acontecendo, cade o Serj Tankian verdadeiro? Sera que ele morreu e foi substituido por esse ai?\nPorque puta que paril, esse ai ta parecendo um idoso gágá e desorientado em cima do palco, e o Daron mano?!?!?! Kkkkkkkkk\nTo rindo, mas e de saudade do Fuckin SOAD :'(
Juan Jose
Dolmayan laughing? Again? The end is near....
Kuruschwan 88
thanks you
Lewd CauseNewd
they still perform for generation Z amazing
Liam M
Could you please find an older vicinity of obscenity performance like in 2005
Linda Nelson
2:07 rape face
I love that camera shake 1:13
Manuel xde
Daron is slowly turning to Ron Jeremy\nGreat upload💙
Mateusz Pietrasiak
Where is the new album goddamit !? Miss these guys so much ...
0:20 This is not real! Illuminati is confirmed! My brain = booom!
Mike Patton
Daron is the man.
Mr. Phoenix
I love John!
My Chemical Death
Thumbnail is clearly photo shopped, john is smiling
Nickolas Kitchen
speed up to 1.25
*System Of A Down* in *2017* !!!\n*Full Pinkpop 2017* —➤\n--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------\n*F A C E B O O K* ► and\n*T W I T T E R* ►
Pan con mantequilla
0:20 I'm confused.
John smiling. Is this real?
That Daron's smile at the beginning :)
Rafael Martinez
Ricks's Games
suite poor
Rodrigo Smith
Faltou System no Rock In Rio 17 \nSeria Foda se eles fossem
Roman Aginaga
Always great quality.. Thank you so much!
I love how there are little children and SOAD just go like \
Sina Xerxes
I can't believe my eyes...MOSHPITS! THEY'RE MOSHING IN A 2017 CONCERT!
Whoever brought that child is a great parent. Sincerely
Tamas Rakosi
0:20 Italian John is smiling :O
Who else thinks that Daron looks beater now?
The Bloodshot One
Poor Serj just sounds like a cliché old man (except for the growls)😂😂😂
The Great Sloth Lord
0:43 I don't know if it is him but the guy with the glasses looks just like Justin Rowland.
Theraposas 愛平和
why does everyone age except for shavo
Thiago DX
Brasil 🇧🇷
Thiago Daniel
MDS como a voz do serj ta ridícula
Tio Do Café
Welcome to the soldier side.
I went to one of their newer concert. I really did not know first, what to expect from Serj cuz I have been listening to them from their first demos to the last albums and I heard the musical changes. But there, on the concert, it was so mezmerizing..seeing them live...hearing them live. Just even the knowledge that they are standing there. \nThe songs that have been flowing through every minute of my everyday existing came to alive there. The songs I have been loving so much..I have just heard from first hand. And it was magical. Chatarsis like.\nThey played with such power. I feel that \
One of my best friends looks a lot like Serj
Will McFadden
3:01 the sound of killing a baby alien
Too bad John and Shavo are the only members who still care about the band
an irish ladd 04
OMG John smiled
awwww....oh my god....!!!!!😩😩😩 I just love that kid with his headphones!!!!!😭😭😭 so kawaii!!!\nmakes my feel blushing....
danz imawan
glad to see SOAD live Concert Again
joao tinoco
is serj even trying?
pee pies
maximum disrespect to the sound engineer !
phat bags holla
More plz
They are basically a 2000’s band and already serj has already lost his powerful voice this early on in the game. I expect this from a band from the 80’s but not 2000’s
【Eduardo Pérez】