Chelsea vs Middlesbrough, FA Cup Final 1997 | FATV

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Watch highlights of the 1997 FA Cup Final. Chelsea were attempting to win their first FA Cup final for 27 years, while Middlesbrough were contesting their first ever finalTo find out more about the The FA Cup visit:

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Andres Kintero
I likeeeeee
Robbie+Eddie as player in 1997- FA Cup\nRobbie+Eddie as manager in 2012- CL and FA Cup !! \nLEGENDS
Charlie Woodhead
Three subs?
Gerald Koh
hopefully chelski win so that we can face them at OT on the 9th!
My finest 'I was there' claim. What a day.
Only one Di Matteo!
chelsea no history they said...
bring Ruud back, amazing manager
Nathan Fenton
How Abramovich sacked Robbie DI Matteo is just beyond me. Abramovich is a complete disgrace.
Neil Smith
Bates was miffed that Gullit refused his lucky gnome!
Nick Creevy
I was there, sat next to a Middlesbrough fan with his son whilst I was with my dad. I will never forget this day.
Phillip Moseley
It's cool getting to see current managers back in their glory days on the pitch
Only one RDM...
Rafid Rasul
20 years later in the League\nChelsea-Champions \nMiddlesbrough-Relegated
Roberto Di Mateo - what a great Chelsea asset. Appreciate the blue man!
Scream Phoenix
When Wise went up to lift the fa cup we were there!
The One
Old Wembley looks better than that Picnic Basket they build. \nOld stadiums are slowly dying
The69ersFC Unofficial
3 POINTS 3 POINTS 3 POINTS 3 POINTS 3 POINTS 3 POINTS.\nShould have boycotted the corrupt FA's showpiece final this season.
Poor Ruud Gullit. Was it worth it to win the Cup if you had to kiss Ken Bates?
Dennis Wise, such a great captain!
Smoggy bastards
erten mustafa
theres only one di matteo!
eze pastor
amazing goal from Di Matteo!!! chelsea legend!!!!
One of the few trophies Chelsea earned before they won the lottery
It hurts. By God, it still hurts. Even eighteen years later.
There's only one Di Matteo ! One Di Matteo
tuân trần văn
RDM 16
will atherton
all these players are managers now