Tiger vs. Phil: Top-10 highlights from The Match

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The match highlights tiger vs phil tiger woods top moments

Aaron Hughes
Hope it happens every year till they can't walk ... This b phills only win, lol
Aaron Smith
the only highlight was tigers chip in. Really they both played poorly..
Adam Borgen
Even though they didnt play their best golf. It was still very enjoyable to watch them go head to head. Both are class acts.
Adrian Lam
Anthony CHICOT
Lot of money, zero glory. The exact opposite of what we saw last september in Paris !
What was that tracer at 4:32. Never seen a ball do that haha.
Boon Kiu Yip
Not enough drivers
Cg Hook
great video man
Cheddar Cheese
Ruined be the shite music
Ciaran Walsh
PGA there are golf youtubers who would make a million times better commentary/videos with this footage.
What a joke these two are, they strut around making big wagers playing for insane money, but when they play for pride in the Ryder Cup they are the two biggest losers, so they have to do this stuff to prove to themselves how great they are!
So sick.
Wait...There were 10 highlights in that match?!
Good Spirits
Tiger will once again become the greatest Golfer to ever live when he is at his older age.
Jerry Parker
Would rather see Koepka play Dustin Johnson or McElroy. This one was uninspiring!
Kee Keong Liew
Hmmm....not too many spectators...
Kelly Sloan
where were McCord and Ferhety???
Ken Wade
Watching this was so boring til the tiger chip in. Phil was hyping up the trash talk all week. Then tells his own caddy not to swear....\n\nON PPV. What a disaster this was on all levels.
Living Minh
Is this the goatmentator from nba?
Mac Guffin
Phil will always be a better golfer AND A BETTER HUMAN BEING !!!!!
Nam Pham
Tiger, shave that head
Nathan Thomas
Nintendoluke: Must’ve been sniffing glue mate. Dull as week old piss
Nintendo Luke
Loved this match! So much excitement and intensity. Glad to see Phil and Tiger play together.
O. G.
5:22 Tiger \
ONE lick Rick
There was 4 maybe good shots. Mediocre golf at best.
why didn't they show when tiger got that number from a groupie in the gallery? that's a highlight for sure!
Paul Little
Ten, fifteen years to late
Peter buvén
Phillip Oliver Holtz
We skip from the 7th where you say 1:58 \
Stephen Doty
Phil has the camera presence of a scared girl at her own birthday party. It's like he's always half-embarrassed.
Terry JP
Phil is a class act, period.
Thomas Norton
They make it sound like it's some sort of cage fight or something it's a couple of softies playing a weak man's golf game give me a break the French had the same thing they called it croquet
William Hampton
Who cares!
I am an avid golf fan/player, but what did this actually do for golf? \nAll I saw was two rich guy's flexing their wealthy cash muscles with substantial side bets and and play one single round for an obscene amount of money. \n$9,000,000.00 for 18 holes of golf?\nSomething is not right with the system somewhere...
Tiger keeps hitting them like that and 2019 is gonna get good
Chump change.
cyuiyu wyguiyui
Just cheap and tacky with all that money..
I just want to see tiger trying to hustle Phil with his one challenge offer. PLEASE
This whole match was a JOKE. Tiger needs to buckle down and stay focused on the 2019 Masters.
Why did they start so late? The shadows were horrible!
johnny G
kevin neel
Phil has always been the guy I pull for in any golf game.
madhav arora
My top 4 players are JT,Rory,Champ and of course tiger
4:28 & 4:50 \nMy 3 year old son was doing the shot tracers
stephen bernsen
We need more matches like this one. McCrory vs. Tiger
taylor sheldon
I thought the match was boring, I'd rather have more players involved at least 4