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How like Roman rings
Aj De wwé
RKO outta nowhere\nWatch RR Randy RKO n he standup quickly omg
Akash Dey
Wwe Friends are you Support John Cena ??
Alex Sanchez
I love mark henry
Allowishes blaze
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Amadron agar YT
Roman Reigns🔥❤️👍
Amrit Singh
roman reing is my faourite wresler
Anandpaul Gudupuru
I mis john cena\nAnyone misses john\nLike plz
Anud Sufian
i like roman and undertaker both
Arsh Bawa
U like romåń range hit like
Austin Fry
I see lesnar more as a boxer in my opinion
Aw-ñeeL TaMãnG
BrOcK LeSnAr Uh Are AweSoMe👏💪💪💕
Awesome Playz
Roman Reigns should have won that 😔
Ayden Burns
2:28 When ur mom tells u to clean ur room but u don’t want to.
Beast Man
If u like Roman like
Bobby snores
E to get it to get a few more minutes to go back in to see how the day goes through and I will be there at the same time as the same is not a good time to come by and see you soon and have
Bora Guner
Roman empire is best And Roman’s fire is so angry
Canal JNM
23:17 Randy Orton rindo kkk
Cassidy Clement
I'm one of the few people who actually likes Roman Reigns
how many of you like roman
Damian Moctezuma
La romana
Devid Sahu
who miss Roman and John Cena like
I’m one of the very few people who like roman reigns and the miz 😂
Dylan Nazarian
good job Randy
ELCIN Ehmedov
Ewq olsun Azerbaycan
Ed Jr
I like John cena and randy ortan
Eric Destroyer
I hate that it skips
Fathima Rafik
Whoever loves John cena hit the like
Fuad Mahamud
Randy orton is the best for the best
Gemma Winter
Randy Orton rko
Gulam Sadik
Roman Reigns the best resler
This chat is toxic
Himanshu Mallah
Who like Randy Orton like plzzz
JackHammer Q
Look at the ref 23:14 🤣🤣🤣
Jazib Raza
Who like Roman empire
Jesse Cisneros
Wwe is so dumb with the acting strowman can pick up a 1500 pound truck but not a 400 pound man 🤦\u200d♂️🤦\u200d♂️
John Paul Reunir
who miss reigns if you miss him hit the like button
Juan Jose Diaz
randy orton no se lo merece
I love Randy orton
Kapil Mahara
Dead Man
Kunal Bhati
Dean you are great
Lance Lovi Tingle
Hey john cena
Liam Carrasco
I suck
Makhi Dinet
Roman is the best 👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿
Memes FC
0:44 does Chris think he a girl and on a catwalk 😂😂
Mihai Catinean
I Love John Cena
Monuranjn Daimari
My Super Hiro Roman Renj
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Nathaniel Halliday
am i the only one who thinks if goldberg and roman reigns teamed up they would rule everyone???
Neelam Rawat
I love u roman
Nick Nack
I knew that was gonna happen 18:55
Olly BlAH
I love him
Orlando Hernandez
23:17 Randi le da risa jajajja
Poonam Sharma
Indian ho to like karo🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳
Pritam Sah
50% of the comment --\u003e I love Roman Reigns\n25% --\u003e I Miss John Cena\n25% --\u003e Undertaker haha
RaVaGe_ White
Oh les fr vous êtes là ?😁😁😁😁
Rahman Nurdianto
I like how WWE placed Tye Dillinger as the 10th participant
Real Mayonnaise
lol very fuuny.
Rico Bico
And under taker
Ritesh Raj
Roman is good man
Roman Puta
I love Roman Reigns
Rona Troutman
I love royal rumbles because alot of my favorite fighter go on😘😘😘😘😘
Sandeep Dhamala
roman is my fav
Shaikh Shahid
john cena 🖒🖒🖒👍👍👍
Sidda Linga
I Love Roman ,John ,goldbarg
SohraB Fooladi
چرا همش تیکه تیکست\nمردشور ببرتتون
Sophi Sisovan
Wow..undertaker gold berg Roman reigns Brock lesnar
Stacy Jacobs
Match was fine And I made an original comment
Sumegh Tayde
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I swear the comments are filled with 5 year olds
Vicarson Gownellis
Historical Match!
Yunus Khan
Zairul Tipikolow
i love you rey mysterio
Zarion Irby
Yo why is Mr.Umbrella Boy so dang pale
_ Suriken _
А Где Сина?((
alexandros polixronis
aman agrawal
Miss u Jonh Cena\nAnd who like Jonhlike the \nCena like the comment
arun ganesh
wow,what the rko,i love randy orton and randy finishing move of rko.
blackkiller x
Le catch se fake
d s
I miss Roman reigns
erick willyam
Whoever love John cena
fo xy
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pmom04 - TM
Roman is the one who is the first person that has been powerful
raywin philander
roman reigns the power house
the bloody brothers
I mis john cena\r\nAnyone misses john\r\nLike plz
the boy
where is john chena
wwe real mayk
Love John e cena