FULL MATCH - Team Cena vs. Team Authority - Elimination Tag Team Match: Survivor Series 2014

Big Show, Dolph Ziggler, Erick Rowan, John Cena & Ryback take on Kane, Luke Harper, Mark Henry, Rusev & Seth Rollins: Courtesy of WWE Network.GET YOUR 1st MONTH of WWE NETWORK for FREE:

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Alberto Leon
Don't make me get that ho talking to jonsena I'll get her from the hear
Alex Kane
Seth Rollins looks so sooo sexy here 😍😍😍
Alonso Lupercio
Remember Ryback?\nRemember when Mark Henry wrestles?\nRemember when Seth was heel?\nRemember when Dolph was face?\nRemember when Luke & Erick face each other?\nRemember when Kane was director or operations?\nRemember when Rusev was heel and before Rusev Day?\nRemember when Cena shows up unlike 2018?
Altin Gaxherri
This was one of the best Survivor Series Matches ever.
Amber Andrews
Team cena
Andre arone
Tem autoriti son tramposos
Angel Furiouz
Aron Feyr Kristjánsson
Arzan Shaikh
Team cena
Bruno Ribeiro
WWE john cena
Danielle Kieffer
Did anyone see santa
Dominik Spengler
I am cena fan
Dstriker 500
This was the best WWE match I have ever seen . My eyes have been blessed .
Eddy SLopez
Out of know we’re comes the legend 🤩🤩
Eduardo Sena
Edward Aguilar
Like here if you love team cena comment if you like team authority?
I hate Big Show so much! Last time i even started to hate him, but now he's even worst, and im so surprised that Dolph Ziggler could beat 3 opponents with just him 1 guy!!!! Go Ziggler! and also thanks to Sting for giving Triple H a lesson
Felipe Vasconcelos
Omg, no words to describe what dolph did... he took everyone all by him self after being hit by everyone while his team would betrayed and do nothing at all. A lot of illegal people like the security came to the ring and got kicked... and after all this dolph still won. He's a hero!
Felipe exe SFD
Big Show traicionero de mrd
FiBY slyz
Fire Arrow98
im not the hater of dolph. but he is not so good but the good is he can survive the count of 1 2 3. that is good about him.
Fortnite For Life
Big Show Sucks \
General Grievous
Luke Harper as IC champ, Rusev undeafted what a time to be alive.
Get me a 100 subs Without a video
When dolph was watchable
The promo to this was nuts.
Ishaan Modi
That was crazy. I can’t believe he pulled it off in a 3v1. He got beat so much and triple H is such a cheater. WWE isn’t nearly as fun now.
ahhh q final tan chingon aunque cena me decepciono pero Ziggler se ganó mis respetos y el cuervo como en la película haciendo justicia jeje \u003c3 \u003c3 :3
Iveta Zandere
thats danger to box this
Jadine Smith
Cena for life
Jama Musa
Cena team is the Best
Jamie Holmes
Survivor Series 2014 = The first time Dolph Ziggler properly felt like a main eventer.
Jegeg Ae
Team cena
Jenny Arkell
The other team is cheating
Jesus Alberto Rodriguez Segundo
If Shawn Michaels is Mr WrestleMania, Dolph is Mr Suvivor Series.
Jojo Lee
They all look mean🤬
Júlio César Diamond
How they train.
Kenny Omega#PushCesaro#PushHero
Back when people loved Ziggler and he was the most over babyface of the company :(
Kevin YouTube
Team Cena
Lisbarqui Hernández
The day Dolf Ziggler show everybody he can be a Main Eventer, but WWE had other plan for him...
Luca Marchetto
4 years ago???? I'm getting old.
Lucas duarte
Team cena
Marquel Johnson
Wwe is Always Good
Mohamed Hassan
How tf did they manage to waste Ziggler so much after this
Monia Raimondi
Siete teste di merda io sto dalla parte di jonh cena teste di merda
The greatest night of Dolph Ziggler's career (and also one of the best Survivor Series Elimination Matches of all time). Things like this is what WWE needs. They know how to do great things, but they don't want to do it
Muhammed Emir Boga
Hellal dolph ziggler\n\n\n\nTÜRK olanlar like
Nathan Kaneki
who is the last boy the one who make the cena team won his so strong
Nawaf Alalmai
You guys Make good vid
Nic the Hedgehog
Whoever that last person was who took out the entire other team while exhausted is a total beast. He brought home the victory royale.
Nick Flagget
They got Ziggler super over with this match, and then just wasted it and had him do nothing. It's just disappointing
Okan Asa
20:12 big show bear
REXT Company
Ziggler be like:😎😎
Mark Henry hizo una gran pelea vs The Big Show
Sandeep Kumar
John cena .....\nNever give up
Shane McMahon
Big Show is a traitor
Sindhu Sarath
Love zigler, cena
Sting is back... 😈
Sky Win
Im Team Cena Like!!
Sudhan S Joshi
Mr Dolph Ziggler & Mr Sting were brave gentle wrestlers who saved the law of the world wrestling game. We respect them.
Thanh Official
34:52 still fine ?
Amazing how they screwed Zigglers momentum after this
Tim Bartsch
November 24 2014\nLiberation Day- the day that the WWE Universe Celebrated The End of The Authority
One of the few matches that Dolph really showed why he’s called the showoff
Verda Ateşcan
Ohoojojo omg
Wyatt bros r on opposite site
Võ Tâm
Ziggler is the bessttt😍😍😍😍😍😍 . Thanks you guys
I really love this Match!! I been see 1 million Of times
Wong Hong
Loser Cena.
*Team Cena \u003e:D*
Yasin Abdikarim Abdikarim
Dolph is the real man
YoLo 63
This Is the POWEREST video ever what I see!!!
Yüksel Okumus
The best Team is John Cena,Big Show,The Rock, Undertaker 😱😱😱😱😱.
Zarion Irby
Lol Mark Henry thought and he thought wrong
ZreeMerPlay/Зример !
benjamin solis
Ese sí es un luchador que no se inmuta\nEs implacable
dwayne frierson
Dolph Ziggler as the sole survivor was surreal af
eden hazrie
this is the good video ever dolf ziggler is the best can i have a like because big show is\na betrayer like if you agree
emanuele ss
2:34 Seth Rollins was legal, not mark henry
forever knights
This match was the last match that was awesome ( including lesnar vs goldberg ). After these WWE became useless
kenrich_gaming with vr minesink
Like if team cena won
miki garchev
Dolph ziggler was the man of the match
oka darma
Team CENA is GOOD!
reygamer 100GG
Big show o bisho XD
roham kohansal
sami gamer
Nice wid känfen
sungmin choi
Just beless
t gaming k
Big show is one punch man
Şule Atak
3:55 yavaşlatıp izleyin
Вася Олійник
Great match ) Dolph Ziggler - top)
богдан ******
1:35 ahahah
никита никитов
Rollins is the best
彬 彬