Argentina v Croatia - 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™ - Match 23

Croatia recorded a stunning win over Argentina to book their place in the knockout rounds of the 2018 FIFA World Cup.Find out where to watch live: match highlights:

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Messi looks like Mickey Mouse, he talks like Mickey Mouse and plays like Mickey House
4RO Brunchi
Croatia is going to be world champion
7 Dayz
awesome Croatia, respect from *Spain* !!
Aakash Goel
I think Croatia will be the winner of 2018 fifa
Ahmed Ishtiaque Fahim
Congratulations, Croatia.\nFrom Bangladesh.
Great game from Croatia!
Alonso Arenas
Congratulation Croacia From chile!! :)
Alternate Personality
The goal by Luca Modric is one of the bests of this world cup till now
Anja Dadić
Hrvatska do pobjede ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤🎖🎖🎖🎖🎖
Arthur Manuel da Cruz
Congrats Croatia from Brazil. You guys are great on sports and have a great team for the WC. I'm a big fan of Vladimir Sansonov from Table Tennis.
Austin Feng
now that Croatia have made the finals we can see how good they are and this game is not a fluke. Congrats Croatia! Luck sure did help them, but this game, along with their semifinal against England, are proof that this team is very capable and deserve what they have achieved.
Ave Nero
Go for the cup, Croatia. You can achieve it ;)
Awesome One
Croatia must win.
Cestitke iz Srbije. Gledao sam i navijao dok se istorija odvijala.
What a great performance from L.M.!!! (Not Lionel Messi but Luka Modric, by the way.)
Cristiano RONALDO
CR7 is better than Argentina
Darren Lawrence
Argentina was destroyed in style and class
Debbie Joe
Bring it home Crotiaaaaaaaaaa
Degi Latino
Messi completely overrated... look at the 3rd goal... nobody was even trying to defend... messi stands there like he doesn't care... even if the game was already lost a real leader would have gave everything until the end....
Don't ask my Name
Greetings Croatia/Hrvatska!
Doom Bringer
I think Argentina's goal keeper helped Croatia more than Argentina.
Doppel gänger
Wow.. Croatia's second goal was fantastic
Emma McMahan
I want Croatia to win soooooo bad omg
Joj skako sam po kući ko loptica jebem ti kišobran al nabušiše argentince . Pozdrav iz susjedne Bosne i Hercegovine
Enigmatic Loquendo [NEW]
One thing: It's not fault of Messi. It's of all Argentina team. \nCongratulations to Croacia.
Erich Apolinario
Croatia win this WC!
Congratulations for Hrvatska from Bulgaria !
Fahim Jafri
Croatia You rocked
Messi looked so pissed at the end.
Funny Videos
Croatia will win the championship!!!!!!!!!!!!
Giovani Mansani
*What a game from Croatia, Jesus Christ. Modric is a God! Greetings from Brazil*
Congrats Croatia from Iceland
Imtiaz Nafeez
one of the favourite match of mine in this wc.... well done Croatia 😍😍😍😍
IsaM Molina
De los muuchooos pedazos en que se desbarató Yugoslavia ...Croacia es el único que tiene fuerza futbolistica.😀\n.
Issa Beatz
Modric es el mejor!!
Ito Ito No Mi
i hope Crotia wins the cup
Iva Ribic
who is croatian here?\n\n\n\n\n\ni am😂
Ivan Čartalomi
Jo Campeoni
Love You Croatia
Bravo braćo Hrvati 🇷🇸🇭🇷
God job craotia from Israel🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Kay Ke
Love Croatia! Conquer the world cup plz!! ❤️
Kxlxxl カリエル
y buen, nos ganaron los campeones.. croacia es un gran equipo.
Leonarda :/
My Croatia❤️❤️❤️Rakitic,Rebic and Modric💙💙💙
Luke Luke
Good luck Croatia from Poland
Marcela Pereira
this is porn
Please win World Cup Croatia. You deserved it more than anyone else.
Meh Jabin
Amazing match 😊😊
Minor - Maker
Croatia is briliant.
Croatia my country 👌👌🇭🇷
Muhammad Shahid
Croatia to win WC 2018.. Modric,s strike was amazing and my favorite team is Croatia..
Nikolai Dante
England can't beat this.
Pablo Es
And that's the way how Croatia won hearts around the world
Pussin BOOTS
I don't hate Messi, but it's good to see Croatia win, which reminded us again that football is a team-game.
R. Steinbrenner
What a great match...
Well done, Croatia. \nПоздравляю :)
Rafa Cardoso
Congratulations Croatia from Brazil
Rahul Ghosh
You know,Ronaldo doesnt even have half the support Messi gets,with a team studded with talented player as Messi,Pavon,Dybala,Aguero,Mascherano,he should show some result,but their body language was like 'We have already qualified for the next round, why bother chasing the ball?',you cant expect to win World Cup with that attitude,NONE of them were chasing the ball or showing the will to fight,all were waiting for the ball to come to them,it would be sad to blame Messi for all this,but the fact remains that he himself had a defeated mentality from the beginning,he never for once showed his zeal to win,on the other side we have players like Modric,who scored a stunning goal and immediately went to chase the ball.
Rasmus Verhoeven
France 4 - Argentina 3\nCroatia 3 - Argentina 0
Retro Lover
Who is watch after croatia are in finals?
Saya Iqwan
Congratulations Croatia!\nGood job..\nModric the best..\nFrom Malaysia
🇧🇪🇧🇪🇧🇪 Stop saying this team deserved that this team deserved this... And people from France just admit Belguim is better! Good luck with the Finals! And Karma for England! And people saying Crotia is has bad team they won every game during the whole tournament and I think they will win WC! And yeah I want to see Hazard or Modric win Balon d'or! No Messi and Ronaldo😛And next WC Brazil should leave Neymar in Brazil(I like him but you know...) Argentina should work on there defence! Spain should leave Costa and take Morata! France should stop playing the way they played... I only watched 3 games of them and that was the first one, against Belguim and Argentina! Germany I don't know what happend to them! Italy😂😂😂! Belguim should do what they did! Croatia I think after this WC they will be shit! Portugal will also be shit unless they get a new Ronaldo! Russia Putin will kill them all! Uruguay a great team! Ronaldo played well but he is old! Messi should learn taking penalty he is also getting old! Neymar should stop playing football and should make a movie with his wife! Iniesta will be missed! Isco a great player! Griezmann the best player of France! Mbappe isn't worth €180mill💸💸 but he is good and has a potential to be great! Dybala didn't play😭! De Bruyne the best Midfielder rn⚽️! Hazard deserves more🏆 and you don't have a life cause you read this all🤣🤣🤣
Somali pirate who's actually somali
*OMG WHAT A SHOCKING RESULT!*\n\nCongratulations Croatia
Tony Anastasio
Please let Croatia win the cup! I've loved watching them and bloody deserve to win this. I'm not Croatian but would cry with damn happiness seeing them win. If not I'd like Belgium. Croatia please win this!
Tri. Ter.
I think that Croatia have what is needed to get the trophy, noticed that since last WC. Only thing they have to do is to believe it! GL to Croatia from a Greek fan.
VRed Baller
Only a surprise to those \
If you listen closely you can hear Argentina's keeper getting his ass beat in the locker room
WhoIs I
Modric's talent is out of this world. HRVATSKA💓💓💓💓
Yolo Tube
Ajde komsije za pobedu IDEMOOOO
Zeljko Karadzic
What a play by Croatia.Congratulations from Serbia!
Zlatni Grb
Love that Rebic goal.
That goal from Luka Modric was just amazing!!!
Zrinka Krstić
My croatia is win😭😍
ahmed mahi
well done croatia love from BANGLADESH
awesome orangutan god
this is Croatia's revenge after Argentina defeated Croatia in the group stage in the 1998 tournament. bye bye argentina Croatia 3-0 Argentina.
bak j
Good job croatia\nFrom south korea
cześć jestem julia
Congrats Croatia from Poland. I'll support you Slavic brothers 🇭🇷❤️
greta paolucci
I'm 🇮🇹 and I love 🇭🇷
Is this a \
king & Queen
I am biggggggggg fan of Croatia.......
lidija lozina
It is Modric time!!💪💥👏👏👏👏
lion T
Modric is a genius !!!!!🤗😵👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
loki lud
Croatia will win WC no doubt...\n CROATIA-ARGENTINA - 3:0 \nCROATIA-NIGERIA - 2:0 \nCROATIA-ICELAND - 2:1 \nAnd tonight CROATIAvsDENMARK (Croatia wins and goes to QuarterFinals) \nThis year Croatian team is outstanding! \n\nFingers crossed for Croatia :)
manuel maleza
Croatia played the most beautiful football in the Russian championship in Russia in 2018. All other teams played a very ugly football. Thanks to the Croatian who showed how modern football is playing and how to play with the heart
official anonymous
Luka Modrich what a Beauty Croatia ever produced.
paola carrizo
Alemania 2 Croacia 1 octavos de final finalizado PES 2018
pavel halamasek
Greeting from Czech. Croatia has the best team and is my favourite. They must win this Championship.
pogledaj ovo
Ko je iz hrvatske nek likea
sammy boy
Bravo Croatia !!!\nPozdrav so Slovenska (Slovakia)
Best wishes from Hungary for the grand final!!! :)
vimal sambath
Congratulations Croatia from India
Александар Љотић
Jesam srbin ali svaka cast reprezentaciji hrvatske za pobedu od 3-0 nad argentinom skidam kapu
Красный Статист
Congratulations from Kazakhstan \nModric one love
אין אמונה בתימנים
Thank you Croatia so much!!!!\nFor dumping nazi Argentina from world cup.\nDeath to Argentina. And god bless. Croatia!!!!!!!!
• CroGeek •
It's funny that this world cup turned into Euro Cup XD