Liverpool 5-1 Chelsea, 1996-97 Season - HD

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Classic Liverpool vs Chelsea from the 1996-1997 Season. Widescreen HD

1996–97 FA Premier League (Football League Season) Chelsea F.C. (Football Team) Football (Interest) High-definition Televi... Liverpool F.C. (Football Team)

Lartey Zoeduah
Well known football club in the world, Liverpool the best...
Lee Akers
This was chelsea before Roman, shit!
Martyn Stembridge
This was Chelsea emerging from their Wimbledon obsession era where they tried hard to be the crazy gang version 2.0. Decent side but very inconsistent. As for Liverpool ... They SHOULD have won the league this season or the year before ... They were the best team in the league for two years, but didn't have the discipline to do it.
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Scott O'hare
He was class paddy berger I remember that game at filbert Street one of my fave away games it was berger debut
StewB B
i was at this game
celtic tiger
john barnes...gerrard is up there with him...brilliant
Watching a load of games from 96-7 and noticing all the away fans sitting down -specifically in this season. It's weird,.
Gosh, James' only attempt to save was a penalty, and he fluffed that
tomie myspace
Patrick Berger has cultured left foot, and Bjorneybe has sweet left-footed crosses, always hang-in-the-air kind of crosses.