Russia v Croatia - 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™ - Match 59

Croatia secured their place in the Semi-Finals of the 2018 FIFA World Cup after a penalty shootout victory over hosts Russia. Find out where to watch live: match highlights:

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Great game, well played 4 Russian team! with the quality of your game this team could have reached the semifinal.
With a performance like that Russia deserved to win
Al Ds
Russians goals are more exiting!!!!
Andy c
This world cup will go down as the best ever .
Cheryshev's goal is the best in WC 2018 so far
How did Russia suddenly stand up to the best football countries in such a short period of time, they are amazing !
Boy D.
This is the best game of FIFA WC 2018.
They meet an Englishman and a Frenchman\nEnglishman: On Wednesday we play with Croats\nFrenchman: We are playing with them only on Sunday
Chhan Chhana
The commentary is awesome
Chris Smith
Russia will not retreat!!!! Sends shivers down my spine.
Do Min
That hug between the Russian players after of Cheryshev's goal 😍❤ beautiful 💕
Я 10 лет пересматривал только 1 матч. Этот будет вторым!
Erald M
Go Croatia 💪💪👊 make balkan proud 🔥🔥🔥
Fahim Jafri
*Congratulations Croatia 👏👏👏 you deserves to be in the semi finals*
Gianpiero D.
Russia would have deserved to win this game. Croats were lucky as usual.
GullySide TV
Croacia look like they gonna beat England i can feel it
Я люблю Россию ❤💙\n\nЯ провел красивые дни в России\n\nМосква - Ростов - Волгоград\n\nЛюди хороши и улыбаются\n\nБольшое спасибо России ❤💙\n\nИз Саудовской Аравии
Hassan Kingz
What a game of football
Igraj moja hrvatska......ajde svi samnom
I feel so bad for Russia
Jagath Jinarathna
im sri lankan. but i cheared for russia !
Javier Vargas
Congratulations to Russia for hosting a great World Cup.
one hell of a game!!! Russia was amazing! and Unbelievable!! I mean they are ranked 72 in the world but they played like a top team! The passion, the energy, the belief they showed in every game was amazing!! And they were aptly supported by their 12th man....the Russian nation. Да здравствует Россия! вы были потрясающи! \u003c3
John Cariño
The Russians did great! 👏
Katarina Zrinska
Slava Ukrajini! Naprijed HRVATSKA!
Kirill Melnikov
I'm so sad right now, but still, I'm really proud of Russian team, these guys fought for the Motherland (Except for Smolov). Congratulations and good luck to our Slavic brothers Croats, now I'll be supporting your team! Wish you to knock England out like you did back in 2007
Ko bi reka
До сих пор тяжело смотреть:(
Kristina Kristina
We stand strong together! Croatia I love you! ❤🇭🇷❤
L Gazalikalla
best match in the tournaments
Landau Landau
Russia has been a great host in all sense. This game was so exciting and both teams were full determined and technique players. Congratulations for this unforgettable world cup, we hope to see you on Qatar 2022. Greetings from Ecuador
Luciano Filho
Excellent participation Russia, respect from Brazil
Lydia Morrell
Again like in the england match against croatia our country scored first like russia did in this game but these sneaky fkers from croatia still manage to win everytime i wish russia had won this...:l
*Lets Go Croatia* i'm supporting you from *Poland*
What is the difference between Brazil and Russia...\n\n\n\n Brazil went out with an embarrassing loss at their home while Russia went out with an outstanding performance.....well done Russia👏
Mahir Cave
Maybe it's better we don't see England vs Russia
Maksymilian Łucznik
RUSSIA is amazing
Maliha Intikhab
The best game of the tournament so far! One shock after another.
MarkoGamesML GAMER
Ajmoooooo hrvatskaaaaaa!!!!!! Danas ce mo jebat engleze!!!!!
Martin Z
well done Russians, it was great achievement! Best regards from Poland!
I'm Portuguese, I love my national team but I've always supported Croatia since they lost against Portugal in euro 2016, it was an unlucky match for Croatia, but I know they play with passion and they deserve better, soo happy they made it this far, I freaking hope Croatia gets the world cup, destroy England and France. Cheers from Portugal :)
Muhanuzi Mark
best match ever
Anyway congratulations Russia for game. You made big progress and it was amazing. Also, I must say organization of World Cup is pretty nice. Greetings to you brothers, Respect from Poland. Spasibo za emotsii. Pozdrawiam.\n\nPs now I want Croatia to win World Cup, go Slavic brother's!
Nightbot t
I'm Turkish and supported Russia. Now I'm pissed :)
Nikhil b
I literally broke my sofa watching this game. What a come back and best game of World Cup so far. I don’t think even final would be this much interesting. Lots of respect to Russia from India.
Nurlinda F Sihotang
damn! is everx weird thing would happens if it is in Russia!?\nall the opposite things always happens in the motherland?
Olteanu Radu
Tbh Russia played much better than England against croatia
Omar The Goalkeeper
Congratulations Croatia from Sweden 🇸🇪 \n💙💙💛💛💙💙💙\n💛💛💛💛💛💛💛\n💙💙💛💛💙💙💙\n\n📕🗒📕🗒📕🗒📕\n🗒📕🗒📕🗒📕🗒\n📕🗒📕🗒📕🗒📕\n🗒📕🗒📕🗒📕🗒\n📕🗒📕🗒📕🗒📕\n\nBut great performance Russia\n\n🏳🏳🏳🏳🏳🏳🏳🏳🏳🏳🏳\n📘📘📘📘📘📘📘📘📘📘📘\n📕📕📕📕📕📕📕📕📕📕📕
Pichai Chai
🇷🇺Russia 🇭🇷Croatia
I hope Croatia will won vs England \n2-1
Rodger Zzz
Croatia could of won the World Cup but they lost because of their goalkeeper
Sebastian Elytron
As a 100% neutral... Belgium v Croatia final please
Domagoi Vida thank you ! 😉
Sonu Di Gregorio
It was a fantastic match really love it 😍😘😘😘❤❤😘😘
Sports Newz
Stefano Parisi
Cheryshev's goal is the best one of all the world Cup! Definetely!
Tatar Rich
Greetings from Russia, guys. Congratulations;)\n\nYou deserved it. Good luck on next matches:)\n\n\n🇷🇺❤️🇭🇷
The Ole Well
Croatians play like champions … :) without them this world cup would be boring ...
I guess the comentator was cheering for russia
Tina Rider
Croatia über alles..Respect to Russia..great match.
Tomas Kazlauskas
What an amazing game it was
Как же тяжело это пересматривать
Van Hendrix
It was a highly entertaining game. Both teams showed great determination
Vega Andaru
This game was a series of heart attacks for me
Vic Dye
Russia earned my respect, great country (I was there for the world cup) and they displayed a magnificent strong physical team. Go Russia, thanks for the welcoming and the amazing time I had over there.
Vivy SovietGirl
I cried an hour straight after we lost...
Vyacheslav Kahantsev
Смешно читать убогих, которые пишут, что хорваты играли за них. Хорваты играли за Хорватию.
Walking Nice
super football
Wisp Darks
Россия молодцы!!! Привет с Украины!
Wolf 95
Denis Cheryshev the amazing goal..
respect to both Teams, best game in this Tournament, im from croatia and so proud and congratulation to Russia to came this far, great game you wer amazing =)
Probably the most intense game this year for me!
Ywzaaa 1986
Good game Russia and cheers up. Pozdrav iz Hrvatske!
awesome orangutan god
ivan rakitic is really god at penalties
ayhan salman
russia very good game
c b
What a remarkable achievement on croatia. Well done. Well done croatia. You have like 4.1 million people smaller than our country and they've done such fantastic job.
geo k
Never mind Russia!\nYou are a great and proud nation!\nGreetings from Greece!
Best game
paola carrizo
Rusia 2 Croacia 2 penales Rusia 3 Croacia 4 finalizado 🇷🇺🇭🇷
Hard luck Russia, ye played amazingly, love from Ireland x
As a russian I’m so proud of my team 🇷🇺 we were close to win this game and make one more sensation, but it’s football. Congrats Croatia 🇭🇷 your team is great and quality of your performance is really high! Good luck in the next match!
Damn near had a heart attack...what a game for a football fan to watch...fantastic!!!
the great
Mourinho should learn to park the bus from Stanislav
Hola if you think that Croatia will beat England !
ybdejswhc men
Independent croatian state was founded by nazis in ww2 its the first time it came to existence, all sources of a medieval croatia come from pro-ustashe historians during yugoslavia. croatia is a formation of ex-serbian population with a fake and stolen culture started by the vatican with help of austria-hungary empire to go against the Serbs who were orthodox majority and some muslim serbs within the austria-hungary empire. The same facsist and nazi ideology the ustashe was used in 90's war to do the same work hitler had started by genociding the serbs and making death camps for children with most likely over 1 million casualties in ww2 and doing simillar thing in 90's.
Александр Дядюн
Хорваты красавы!!! Украина с вами!)
Артем Гула
Glory to Ukraine!
Артур Юрьевич
Россия молодцы дали отпор, лучше Англии .
Гнусарев Анатолий
Russia I love you 😍😘
Кирилл Кладов
Так народ внимание! Думаю все смотрели матч Россия-Хорватия, так вот многие должны были заметить что Хорватский защитник Вида получил 2 желтых карточки , а красную нет. Рассылайте это и тогда то Хорватию снимут с ЧМ , а в 1/2 пойдёт Россия. Зарание спасибо
Максим Фомин
As a Russian fan I'd like to congratulate Croatia on their victory! That match was amazing!
Николай Тарасенко
Да кстати, гол Россия забила красивейший!!!